Teenage problems

Dear students,
we are the class 7b and today we want to talk about teenage problems. We had the theme in our English class and we thought you might want to read about it because it could be interesting to you because we are all teenagers.
One problem is our appearance (too tall, too short etc.). But don’t forget everyone is different and the important thing is accept yourself!
For some of us is school can be a problem because it is tiring or there is too much work and it can be too hard. Our advice is learn with your friends because it is a lot of fun and find a hobby so you have more energy for school.
The third problem is falling out with friends. Talk to your teacher about it or make sure you don’t hold a grudge for long. Don’t always blame others but see what you can do to make things better. Just remember, in time all problems will be solved.

Time flies, make the most of it!

(From teenagers for teenager)

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